There are a bagillion things that I like in this world, and several things that I LOVE.
To name a few: My husband, my children, my family, music, and Rhode Island.
And because I love these things so strongly, I became a started a mom blog.
I started blogging because  I realized that a lot of the mommy blogs I saw online didn’t look like my life. 
Neither did a lot of the Rhode Island bloggers who’s blogs I read. 
And it’s not to say that any mom blogger is better or worse than another, it is just that I didn’t feel like I saw myself in any of their shoes. 
And I also had a unique perspective on the Ocean State (Rhode Island) after having been born and raised here. Plus, having worked on our local morning television show, gave me a really eye opening experience which I wanted to add to my blog. 
So on this blog, I’m going to share a ton of my family’s adventures – both in and out of the home.
We currently live in Providence, Rhode Island – and are always looking for fun, family friendly outings.  My husband and I love to travel, and take our kids with us as much as we can. Here is a link for a list of baby friendly places we enjoy here in Rhode Island. 
I am a saxophonist, so you’ll often see me mention my love of music frequently here on the blog. I perform locally in New England with a wind ensemble called The American Band
My husband and I also podcast out of our home studio, and get to connect with people not only from Rhode Island, but all over the world! 
So now, I can add blogging to the list of things that I love!
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions – or peruse some of the topics below!