WTF – I Just Swore In Front of My Kid

I woke up this morning by being kicked in the boob.  Why my boob? Because H is for hell. That’s pretty much how we sleep each night, thanks to the fact that our tiny baby is teething, except Tall Dad and I face inwards towards each other. Which, if you look closely at the diagram more »

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Teething Baby Eats His Crib

So this just happened… After a straight week of being sick, having little to no energy, my lovely baby is finally on the mend! He ate a whole container of yogurt, some fruits, and a serving of oatmeal this morning! I couldn’t be happier. I was beaming, cleaning the house, playing peekaboo, reading books…that is more »

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The Toolbox In My Car

Tall Dad was obviously impressed by the plethora of tools available in my car. At least I have jumper cables. Does everyone else have a massive collection of tools in their car at all times? 

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