The Cloth Diapering Debacle

Our tiny baby will be joining us soon, and there are a few items that need to be in our possession before his arrival: A place to sleep – check A food source – check A car seat – check Diapers… Ugh oh We have been trying to figure out if we should use with more »

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How To Throw A Breakfast For Dinner Party

We held our third annual Breakfast for Dinner Party this weekend. It was originally scheduled for February, but a blizzard got in the way. Damn you, Nemo. Oddly enough, our Breakfast for Dinner Party finds it’s origins in a major snow storm we had three years ago. We had people over one night and coincidentally more »

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Tiny Baby Furniture Is Quite A Big Deal

“Infants are tiny, right?”  That was the question I asked my husband. Then why do they need so much stuff? And why the heck is it all so big? Their cribs are massive. I think I could fit comfortably inside of one.  Wait, no, I don’t think, I know I could get at least a more »

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