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How To Throw A Breakfast For Dinner Party

We held our third annual Breakfast for Dinner Party this weekend. It was originally scheduled for February, but a blizzard got in the way. Damn you, Nemo. Oddly enough, our Breakfast for Dinner Party finds it’s origins in a major snow storm we had three years ago. We had people over one night and coincidentally more »

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Pregnancy Myths Revealed

In the earlier months of my pregnancy, we have been referring to our baby as an “it” because we didn’t know if itty bitty baby was a boy or a girl.  Many friends would make their own guesses – by taking a look at my face, my belly, and asking me some fun questions.  Old more »

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Pregnancy isn’t always beautiful

A coworker of mine told me today how much she missed being pregnant, and how it was the best time of her life. She wished she could be pregnant again, and told me to soak it up! For the most part, these past couple of months have been a walk in the park. A tiring more »

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