My Whole30 Lifesaver: Pre-Made Paleo {review}

As you may recall, Tall Dad and I have decided to clean out our bodies  – which of course means our  pantry as well; all in the name of succeeding at the Whole30 Challenge.  We vowed to eat only meats, fish, vegetables, fruits, nuts and healthy fats for 30 straight days. Granted, we slipped up more »

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What Is Whole30

I’ve finally done it. I’ve had my come to Jesus moment.  My diet sucks.  I feel fat and bloated.  Of course, I’m sure the skittles I had for dinner aren’t helping.   Lest we also forget, it’s Awful Awful season at Newport Creamery – which usually means I’m doomed to gain 5 more pounds. Mmmm…extra thick more »

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