Parenting is really hard.  Especially when you have two kids that are ages 1 and 3.  Of course, people tell you how hard parenting is, and you never listen.  You think it’ll be different for you.  You’ve got it under control.  Well, you’ll find out just like I did, that assertion is 100% completely and more »

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Mom’s Day Out at Mystic Aquarium

Being a life-long native Rhode Islander, I have had the pleasure of visiting Mystic Aquarium several times in my life. It first started off as field trips when I was in school, then visits with my family as a child, and in 2014 I went as a parent for the first time. Seeing my son’s reaction to the beluga more »

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Our Trip To Mystic Aquarium

Every night our family goes through the same routine.  It starts with Itty Bitty eating dinner, then said dinner being flung on the ground as a sign of being all done. After that, it’s bath, brush teeth, pajamas, dim lights, read books, sing songs, and finally (more like, hopefully) sleep.  Aside from the bath, Itty more »

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