Your Look, limitless twists

Two Applicators

This mascara is designed with two high-quality applicators so you can twist your look from basic to brazen and anything in between.

Lash Intensity

Turn up your lash intensity by using the lower brush first, then coating hard-to-reach lashes in your inner corners and the lower lash line with the upper brush.

More Options

The lower brush utilizes denser, molded bristles to build lash volume, length, and curl while the shorter, spiral-wired bristles of the upper brush create a lighter, more natural look.

Ready For The Twist?

This black mascara mixes high-quality ingredients like hydrolyzed keratin and biotin with lash-conditioning panthenol and argan oil to help create the appearance of longer lashes. A special blend of waxes and flexible synthetic polymers allow you to build volume without the use of fibers.


Moodstuck Epic Twisted Mascara 5

Let's Get Fabulous

Make every day feel more glamorous by adding your individual twist to any look with MOODSTRUCK EPIC twisted mascara.

Shipping available to: US | Canada | Australia | New Zealand | UK | Mexico | Germany | France | Spain | Hong Kong | Italy | Ireland | Portugal

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**AVAILABLE August 18, 2020

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YOUNIQUE EPIC Twisted Mascara

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