baby kicks

Our Last Valentine's Day As A Family Of Two

My Valentine knows me all too well. Instead of dressing up and going to an overdressed overpriced presumptuous restaurant, we dressed in our favorite jeans and t-shirts, and headed off to our local taco shop. I love tacos, and believe that one should eat what they love on Valentine’s Day! After having our delicious dinner, more »

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You're Putting That Needle WHERE?

Hey tiny baby, would you mind telling me your blood type? How about a kick on the left means your blood is positive, and a kick on the right means your blood is negative – like mine! Everyone’s blood is one of the four main types – A, B,O, or AB. Things get confusing because more »

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We Finally Received Some Good News

After learning that our itty bitty baby had choroid plexus cysts, which may be soft markers or indicators of Downs Syndrome or Edwards Syndrome, we decided to get a level 2 ultrasound. I knew that I would do everything I could for this baby, and would not terminate the pregnancy no matter the results, but more »

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