Younique MOODSTRUCK Epic 4D One-Step Fiber Mascara

Unleash Your Lashes With Younique Moodstruck Epic 4D One-Step Fiber Mascara

Size Matters

See up to a 500% increase in average volume with your first coat—and experience the the Epic 4D lash revolution for yourself.

Never Better

The iconic product that solidified Younique as the world’s authority on lashes has evolved. In just ONE STEP, you can have lashes like no other.

No Fillers

Younique Moodstruck Epic 4d One-Step Fiber Mascara give you insane length and volume without extensions, fillers, or falsies.

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Experience Fully Charged Lashes

MOODSTRUCK EPIC 4D one‑step fiber mascara combines Y‑shaped fibers and a specially engineered two-sided brush to interlock fibers for lash volume, length, and lift like you’ve never seen in real life. Just one coat gives you unreal—yet totally real—lashes that pop!**

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** Based on an independent study. Individual results may vary. 

The greatest lashes ever created

Younique MOODSTRUCK Epic 4D One-Step Fiber Mascara

Legendary lashes are here, and they’re delivering iconic lash-by-lash length, clump-free volume, and head-turning stares. Younique’s Moodstruck Epic 4D Mascara is the evolution of a multi-effect mascara that produces a wide-eyed, larger-than-life look that looks phenomenal just by itself. Best yet, it's all accomplished in one quick, easy, and  simple step - so you can spend more time doing what you want.


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Younique Epic 4D Mascara

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