I adore my husband. Honestly, I really do. Our love is pretty unique and we seem to have an understanding of each other that is beyond words. It’s pretty great.

I mean, we’re not Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams in The Notebook here, ( btw, I still can’t tell if that whole pond scene with the geese, the rain, and the oh so infamous kiss was really sweet or just really cheesy. I think my 19 year old single self would be ashamed of me right now.) But, I truely love Blake more than anything in this world. He’s as close to Ryan Gosling’s character, Noah, as I’m going to get and I couldn’t be any happier about it.

Yet, I have a terrible confession to make…

I cheat on Blake. Every. Night.

But before you, my dear reader, get all self righteous and pissy, you need to hear my side of the story.
While in bed at night, I used to rest my head on his shoulder, and fall asleep to the rhythm of his heartbeat. Nothing soothed my anxieties more, or helped me find my chi easier than lying next to this strong, loving man, with whom I chose to spend the rest of my life. ( Who needs geese and rain anyway, right?)

But lately, things have changed. My abdomen grew heavier, and my back and hips ached every morning. I would roll around each night, seeking comfort for this newfound, awful, ugly, terrible pain. So I started cheating on him. Every night. Yup, you read it right. Cheating. He’s going to hate me for is, but I have to come clean to the world. I’m a cheater.

I now seek comfort from an inanimate object.

The bane of Blake’s existence – the pregnancy pillow.

Look at the woman pictured above! She’s so happy, carefree, and snuggled up with her new love. The new Noah 🙂

This picture, complete with her snowflake pjs, convinced me that I needed this pillow. After reading many reviews, I decided to purchase the Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow.

It takes up an incredible amount of space in our bed, and I rarely snuggle with my husband at night. Sometimes I reach my hand over the back of the pillow, to let him know that I still care about him. If he’s lucky. But man, this pillow does the trick! It supports my back, lifts my leg up to relieve back and hip pain, and just makes me feel fully supported.

Sure, it gets tangled around me a bit when I wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. And I can neither confirm, nor deny the allegations of me walking around with it draped around my body if I needed to grab something from another room.

Sexy? No. Relationship building? Nope. But the most important question is, could I live without it while being pregnant? No way Jose! I might even keep at after the pregnancy because it’s so awesome. I’ll just tell Blake the doctor recommends it for the baby’s health. He’ll fall for it 🙂

I even somehow managed to shove that enormous pillow in my luggage for my babymoon! That, right there, my dear reader, is dedication.