You’d never know, but my tiny baby loathes sleeping.

He wants to party all night and all day

That cute little yawn you see below?  Don’t be fooled. I swear – if I didn’t know I was exclusively breastfeeding, I’d be nervous the kid was pounding 5 Hour Energy Drinks like it was the water from the Holy Grail in Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade. 

But, luckily, my hubby and I have learned to combat this erratic sleep schedule with a few baby essentials. Our first preemptive strike focuses on one special ingredient – a white noise machine.

Dr. Harvey Karp, author of The Happiest Baby on the Block (and supreme reigning god of all things baby in our house), suggests that white noise machines are a key way to soothe a baby. 

Hey Harvey, guess what?  I couldn’t agree more. 

Whether you are “shusshing” them with your voice, rocking an app/ YouTube page on your smartphone, or have a specific device that does it for you – these white noise sounds will save your sleep, sanity, and unconditional love of your new baby!

Here are my top pics for White Noise Machines:

I take this device with me on walks and/or car rides. There are four different sounds (rain, ocean, stream, and whales singing…yes…whales), two timers, and a volume button. The back of the sleep sheep has a velcro loop, so you can easily attach it to your stroller or car seat. The only downfall to this device is that it is timed. In other words, if your tiny baby is a light sleeper (like mine), when the music stops – they will notice, and might wake up.

WhiteNoise Lite App:
This is used almost daily in and out of Casa de TallMom. If I am taking Itty Bitty out to lunch, and need him to fall asleep, I just throw this app on, turn up the volume, and place it in the car seat. It is like his little car seat transforms into a Dolby Digital  theater and pumps  soothing sound of ocean waves in 5.1 surround sound. There is no timer, so these sounds will keep on playing until you turn it off, or your battery dies.

Sleep Pillow Sounds App:
This is for nap times in our house. I play it on my iPad if Itty Bitty falls asleep away from the regular white noise machine. I also find the choice of sounds the most soothing out of the all white noise machines. Similar to the WhiteNoise Lite app, the Sleep Pillow does not have a timer – so it will play as long as you like!

Munchkin Nursery Projector and Sound System:
This white noise machine is the pillar of our nightly routine! Since Itty Bitty is still sleeping in our room, this device actually finds it’s home on my night stand. Every night we turn it on, either to the ocean or rain sounds, and I often put on the cute projector to entertain our tiny baby. You can have the sounds & sights be on a timer, activate when the baby wakes up and makes sounds, or have them going non-stop. This sound system plays several cute classical songs, your typical white noise, as well as a heartbeat.

We have found white noise machines to be exceptionally helpful in soothing our Itty Bitty. It is now a cue to him that sleepy time is near.

Did you ever use a white noise machine?