The Rhode Show is currently hosting their 6th annual Rhode Show Search For A Star competition.  I won it back into 2012, and had an extraordinary time cohosting.  It has been fun to check out the videos of this year’s hopefuls, and made me a bit nostalgic about my audition process.  

So I thought I’d share with you my first assignment for the contest! Enjoy!

Hi Rhode Show fans, I’m Mary Larsen, one of your 5 contestants for the coveted co-host position on your favorite morning show! The judges asked us to fill out a form with 20 questions.  I thought I’d share my answers with you so that you could get to know me better.

2012 The Rhode Show: Search for a Star Top 20 Questions
  1. Star Sign:  Taurushas ability to enjoy the people…is strong and dependable. Taurus leads the way when it comes to reaping the rewards of hard work. Clearly the next STAR!!!
  2. Role Model:  My older sister Jeanne, who has severe mental and physical retardation.  She is nonverbal, and is paralyzed on the left side of her body. Because of her, I know that I need to make the most out of my life, to take every chance that I can take, and to be the best I can be.
  3. Dream Interview:  If I could use time travel, I would have loved to interview Benny Goodman, who was a champion for musicians by not only breaking race boundaries, but also making sure that artists in his ensemble had benefits and proper pay.
  4. Dream Job:  A job where I can share my love for my state, and highlight the positive people and events we have here. Obviously to be the next Co-Host on the Rhode Show!! After that, I’d like to be the current Raffi for our youth, by being a positive role model through music, TV, and online media.
  5. Pets:  I used to have a turtle named Murray, but he went to turtle heaven.
  6. Favorite TV Show: 24, LOST, and America’s Funniest Home Videos which makes my face hurt from laughing so hard!
  7. Favorite Good Causes: Eating and Shopping Locally, Supporting Farmers, Music in our Schools and Prevention of Violence Against Women
  8. Favorite Rhode Island hangout:   Blackstone Boulevard I love taking the walk down that path anytime of the year – especially on Saturdays or Wednesdays when I can make a stop at the Farmer’s Market.
  9. Favorite Rhode Island Restaurant:   Close three-way tie between the Cook and Brown on Hope, and Café Loungo on Atwells Avenue, and Apsara on Hope street who has the best NIMECHOW!
  10. Favorite Food:  Anything I make from my Hungry Girl cookbooks, especially her Yum Yum Brownie Muffins
  11. Favorite Sports Team:  I have a place in my heart for the PATS, especially since I was a marching band geek for 8 years of my life, but the most exciting sport right now is , Quidditch based upon the Harry Potter books. I am actually going to see the Quidditch World Cup in NYC the weekend of Nov 12th.
  12. Favorite Musician:   Chet Baker
  13. Favorite Author:  JK Rowling
  14. Favorite Movie Star:  Julia Roberts
  15. Favorite Destination:  Local: Rome Point, Rhode Island, World: Positano, Italy
  16. Favorite Song:  Current: Moves Like Jagger, by Maroon 5 I can whistle it too! Favorite all time: Nimrod by Edward Elgar. If you haven’t heard it – it’s a must!
  17. Favorite Color: Teal
  18. Favorite Movie:  Jurassic Park I almost went to school for paleontology thanks to this film, but changed my mind because I feared that after 8 years of school, all of the bones would have already been discovered!!
  19. Favorite Book:   Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. I’ve only read it 6 times.
  20. If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money? Realistically: I would pay off my parents’ mortgages, allow them to leave their jobs and send them on a much needed all expenses paid vacation.  They took care of me and have been my cheerleaders my entire life, and deserve nothing but the best.  Fantasy: After that, I would rent a GIANT RV filled with DELICIOUS treats and take my friends with me to continue my quest to see the natural wonders in North America!  I’ve already seen Niagara Falls, Glacier National Park, and the Everglades National Park.
  21. Something people would be surprised to know about you.
  • I don’t tan, I freckle.
  • I bet you can’t find where my letter boxes are.
  • I Yelp so LOUD in Providence that I’m on the Elite Squad.
  • Once I was in Down City and I had a Nightmare in the Kitchen.
  • I can play a different instrument in every city in the entire state… oh and in Bali too.
  • The Extraordinary Rendition Marching Band walked me down the aisle while I wore blue chucks!
  • Being the commencement speaker in front a small crowd of 12,000 people for my alma mater, URI. NO BIG DEAL.
  • In my spare time I became the 1st, 2nd, and 4th runner up for Miss Rhode Island.
  • I bring sunshine to the Fantastic Umbrella Factory and sometimes I like to hide in Purgatory Chasm.
  • I believe in Hope.
Shine on,

Be sure to check out this year’s TOP 5 Search For A Star Winners!  Let me know who you are rooting for 🙂