Congratulations! You made it through Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, and every party in between  – and some of you did it with a new baby in your life.  If you have a little one, like we do, then you are feeling our pain right now. Nap and night time schedules have gone out the window, and you’re ready to get your blessed little one back on a blessed routine.  But, there’s still one hurdle to overcome – the biggest party of the year – New Year’s Eve. So what do we do to celebrate (and survive) the final day of the year with Itty Bitty? Here’s some of our ideas:
1. Have someone watch your precious bundle of joy – Duh, right? I know.  But, sometimes one doesn’t see the easiest solution right in front of their face. Maybe grandma or grandpa would like to watch your baby overnight, which would be amazing. Or, maybe by the grace of god, your regular sitter is free December 31st, and that could allow you to head on out for some dinner and festivities. Whatever you do, make sure you are extremely gracious to the person who is watching your little one. If your plans don’t include an overnight stay, try to be home as close to midnight as possible, so your sitter can drive home before party-goers (and possibly drinkers) are out on the roads post celebration.
2. Celebrate earlier in the evening – Bring your baby with you to an early dinner, or go to that party your childless friends are putting on – but, leave a little earlier so the baby can get to bed at a reasonable time. Trust me, it’s perfectly acceptable to leave early at these parties when you have a screaming kid who hasn’t napped all day.  An even better idea is go to a more-on-the-quiet-side party.  Just bring the pack and play, and a monitor if you’re at a friends house.
3. Have the party at your place – Invite your friends to come on over to your house. As we all know, your house is always best because your baby can go to sleep at their normal time in their crib.  You can make the whole event family friendly, so others with little ones feel comfortable coming over as well. Possibly make it into a pajama party – have your friends and their kids come dressed appropriately, order some delivery, and giggle the night away without worry about driving late that night! 
4. Have a party New Year’s Day – I know, New Years Day is no New Years Eve.  I get it. But, it can be just as fun without the burden of being so tired (or hungover?) the next day.  My mom actually has an annual party for her best friends on January 1st, and they have a blast!  They eat delicious food, play board games, and enjoy ringing in the New Year together!  

5. Enjoy spending this special evening with your own tiny family – Plan a fun menu, have a movie marathon (our family likes to watch Star Wars and/or Harry Potter), play some board games, or just spend the night relaxing.  Life is pretty crazy most nights, so having a night just to have fun together sounds pretty awesome to me!
What are your plans for New Year’s Eve?