Dr. Pantley, Dr. Ferber, and Dr Weissbluth. Sometimes called No Cry, Ferberizing, and Cry It Out or Extinction Method.  If you’re a parent of a tiny baby who fights sleep, you’ve probably heard about these different sleep methods. Maybe you’ve talked about them with friends. Well this Tall Mom has tried them all. I’m going to compare these sleep methods on their heart breaking scale – and relate it to movie scenes.  It goes like this:
Pantley – The Notebook

Ferber – Twilight New Moon

Weissbluth – Titanic
In The Notebook, you know the two love each other, and she had to make a choice – to be away from her love – or be with him. It’s a tough choice for a good 10 minutes, but you and I both knew she would decide to be with her love. Yup, through thick and thin – right there by his side.  Omg, do you remember when Noah says to Ellie:

“So it’s not gonna be easy. It’s going to be really hard; we’re gonna have to work at this everyday, but I want to do that because I want you. I want all of you, forever, everyday. You and me… everyday.” 


Pantley encourages you to be by your baby, to go to their side, create happy memories and associations with sleep, and never leave them. 

Twilight, New Moon – Remember when Edward left Bella in the woods? I admit, I was totally broken up over it.  Seriously. Anyway, initially she crumples into a little ball in the woods, and is then depressed in her room for a few months. 

(I still can’t get that awful song out of my head…”There’s a possibility...”  Ugh.)  

She sees him on-and-off in her dreams, and has visions of that sparkly vampire throughout her day. It’s kinda like Edward was checking up on her in a way that only sparkly vampires can check up on you. But, you know that Edward is coming back – and, of course, he does – and, of course, they live happily ever after. Forever. As sparkly freakin’ vampires. 

Oops, spoiler alert. 

Ferber believes that you leave the baby, but you check up on them every so often. It’s important to make them feel like they have to be able to be alone – but not really BE alone.

Titanic – “I’ll never let go Jack.” Then they live happily ever after…wait…what? 
She lets go?  
The wench just…lets go?! 

Yup, Jack floats away never to be seen again. 

(Ok, quick aside, if Jack is the love of your life, my dear Rose, here’s an idea for the ages – make some room for your paramour on the door your hogging up!  God, she’s so dumb.  Even when she was old at the end of the movie and throws that diamond in the ocean – who the heck throws a diamond worth millions of dollars, nevermind a historical artifact of unparalleled importance, to the bottom of the freakin’ Atlantic?  Ok, rant over.  Sorry.)  

But, basically this is Weissbluth’s premise – 

Just how Rose ditches Jack and the diamond, you leave your baby in the bed at night, and no matter what sound comes out of that room in the mean time,  you do not see that little kid until morning. 

So there ya have it folks – everything, even baby sleep training methods can be likened to movies.

Did you have success with any of these methods?