My darling baby boy turned one year old this month. Man did this past year fly by! This momentous occasion deserved a delightful birthday party. There were friends, family members, other babies, cake, Caserta Pizza, singing, and so much more.  We kept the whole party incredibly low key – with my only decorations being a Happy Birthday sign, colored plastic table cloths, and one set of streamers around the columns in our living room. Aside from that, we wanted to keep the party simple, and stress-free. The only item that took a little planning was Itty Bitty’s birthday cake – which I drew inspiration from Pinterest.

I had heard from many friends that first birthday parties can often be overwhelming for the birthday baby, and that they rarely know what to do with their massive smash cake.  Itty Bitty’s favorite food is blueberries, so I figured I’d put blueberries all over his birthday cake to show him that this was also food.

It worked!

My favorite photo was after the party was over, and Itty Bitty dove into the mountain of presents. 
Many thanks to all that came and made our (not-so) tiny baby’s first birthday ever so special.  
A special thank you to Dana and Jay for helping capture some of these fantastic shots!