It was 6am on Black Friday. Tall Dad was out at work, and I was as far away from malls and shoppers as possible. 

I was in my backyard. In our Winter Wonderland. 
Many of you may have missed the lovely coating of snow that morning, but if you were up before 8 (the sun started to melt the snow by then) you might have looked out your window to see a scene like this. 
This was a very important day in our household. It was Itty Bitty’s first time playing in the snow on his own. 
Last year we took him out for sled rides, but he couldn’t walk, even though he looked incredibly cute! 
This experience was completely different. It was magical!
He didn’t understand the white stuff at all. Where had the grass and leaves gone? Why would the white stuff stick to his shoes and mittens?
And why was it so cold to eat?

Mittens were taken off, and the little guy ran around to his hearts content. 

He also learned that snow is a bit slippery. I won mom of the year award for taking a picture while he fell. Oops. 

Our adventure outside lasted a mere 10 minutes, but to a toddler, that’s enough. We ate snow, kicked and touched the cold fluffy white stuff, and came inside afterwards to eat warm oatmeal. 

My Black Friday was perfect by 7:45 am. 

Are you excited to see snow this winter?