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Some great advice I once heard was to buy comfortable shoes and a fantastic bed mattress – because you spend all of your day in either one or the other. I’ve totally taken this to heart, not just for myself, but also for my family. 
My son currently thinks he is a dragon….90% of the day. 
He likes to pretend to fly, run incredibly fast across our yard, and when he eats – he says he is doing “Dragon Bites!”

Our rough and tumble toddler lives life to the fullest, and with all of his daily dragon adventures, his shoes really can take a beating
We’ve had our fair share of shoes in our household (especially since kids’ feet grow at an exceedingly fast rate) and we’ve learned our lesson to trust brand names that have have made it through the test of time.

My most recent shoe purchase that I’d like to recommend is the shoe brand Stride Rite (who have been in business since 1919) and their new line called Surprize which is only available at Target and
These shoes are awesome in my opinion because of three key points:
  • Comfort – These shoes have a generous fit and all memory foam footbeds, ensuring great comfort for your kids
  • Fit – The shoes have very flexible outsoles allowing for an agile, natural step and growth
  • Durability – The rubber toes ensure durability
They have Surprize for girls and Surprize for boys. We chose the toddler boy’s Darion Sneakers, which I picked up at my local Target store, and they have certainly been up for son’s dragon adventures!!
What types of qualities do you look in for shoes for you or your family?
Talk soon friends – I’m off to have some more Dragon Adventures!
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