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Right now, my husband and I are severely sleep deprived. My darling little lass, who is just shy of 11 months, has been teething for what feels like months on end. The latest tooth has been taking it’s sweet time, and my baby girl has been drooling, miserable, and not sleeping well for about 2 weeks now. We are all exhausted, and I swear, if my head weren’t attached, I would lose it.

I lose most things when I’m sleep deprived. Honestly I do.

But there are 3 things I make sure to always keep in the open so that they are never lost:

1.  My coffee cup
2. My phone
3. My baby monitor

My keys would be lost if they weren’t just always somewhere tucked in my purse (thank goodness for keyless fobs!)

Everything else in my life is fair game to being missing for a day or two. Such is the life of an exhausted mom of two.

So why the three things that I mentioned? Well, without them, I wouldn’t be able to function.

I need coffee. My coffee cup is pretty self explanatory. I love coffee, coffee loves me.

I need my phone. My phone is my clock, my music player, my camera, my fitness coach, my secretary, and much more.

I need my baby monitor. And my newest baby monitor is not only a relief; but it is also a journal, a camera, a and a baby food diary.

Waaaaaaaaaait — all of that can be done in a baby monitor?


So ladies and gents, let me take a moment of your time, to gush about this new piece of technology which is a bit of a sanity saver. And note, I did receive this monitor for reviewing purposes, but I’m being 100% honest with you folks – this monitor is pretty darn cool!

Meet the Baby’s Journey Smart Sync video baby monitor.

I’m a huge fan of video baby monitors, and have been since we had my son, aka Itty Bitty. But this one is so fancy and high tech, I feel like I could be using it on Battlestar Galactica or the Starship Enterprise.

The Baby’s Journey Smart Sync baby monitor is much more than just a video monitor – it helps keep track of important details that new parents like myself often want to keep track of. Some parents keep track of feedings, diaper changes, sleep and much more on a piece of paper or a smartphone app.

Now this can even be done through the baby monitor!

Here are some specifics about the Smart Sync 5” Internet Viewable Touch Screen Video Monitor:

  • Log & Track function –  lets parents to easily keep record of baby’s feedings, weight, height, sleep, diaper changes & medicine reminders
  • Baby’s Journey & AT&T teamed up to launch this new baby monitor line – combining instant and intelligent info about baby’s health and wellness
  • Touch screen and app automatically sync – for seamless viewing
  • Parents can capture and share photos directly to social media or save to private journal from monitor or app
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Built-In rechargable Battery
  • Easy night viewing with infrared LED’s
  • Compatible with any service provider

There is also a free AT&T Smart Sync Mobile App, so you can keep an eye on your precious little ones via your smartphone – even if you are out on a much needed date night!

Speaking of a much needed date night, I think that this monitor is AWESOME especially for babysitters and caregivers – because they can input mealtimes, naptimes, and much more just by using the monitor. You as a parent can check and see when your baby napped, and for how long, and know just how many diapers were changed and when, just by looking through the history. It makes it easy because no one has to write it down on a piece of paper, or try to remember how many dirty diapers were changed!

If you have multiple kids, like myself – you’re in luck! You’re actually able to purchase and sync up to four cameras on this system! You can also track multiple children’s health information in the system as well.

I love that you can write in the journal feature when your darling little one accomplishes milestones – so you never forget the date. Our little lass is now standing while holding onto furniture 🙂

So who do I think this monitor is good for? Any parent that wants to track their baby’s meals, health information, sleep, or diapers. I also think it’s great for parents who want to see their baby on their smartphone, even when they are away from home. It’s also ideal if you want to have a caregiver input the information and track your baby’s day.

My only two wishes for the system would be to add a speaking feature so you could talk to your baby, and also a 360* pan, so you could move the camera around to see an entire room. Right now, the camera can zoom and pan within the screen that it is set, but if you want to move the angle of the camera, you have to manually do it.

That being said, I think that the Smart Sync is amazing with all of it’s tracking features, and I love that I can keep my eye on my tiny baby via my smartphone, even if I’m away.

What features of baby monitors do you like best?

The monitors are now available online and in-store at Babies “R” Us locations. For more information, visit Baby Journey’s Homepage or visit their Facebook & Instagram
Talk soon, friends!