sleep training

Comparing Baby Sleep Methods To Heartbreaking Movies

Dr. Pantley, Dr. Ferber, and Dr Weissbluth. Sometimes called No Cry, Ferberizing, and Cry It Out or Extinction Method.  If you’re a parent of a tiny baby who fights sleep, you’ve probably heard about these different sleep methods. Maybe you’ve talked about them with friends. Well this Tall Mom has tried them all. I’m going more »

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Our First Night Ferberizing

Our First Night Ferberizing Our Baby We swore we wouldn’t do it.  We scoffed at the idea, acted all high and mighty… “Oh we could NEVER let our darling child cry.”  (But cry he did.  Granted, Itty Bitty had a serious case of colic until he was seven months old.) But if we had any more »

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