Some have a fear of spiders, others a fear of crowds. I fear my belly button.

I don’t remember ever liking my belly button, and the biggest reason is because I do not know what is behind it. People sometimes would poke me, as if I were the Pillsbury Dough Boy. After which I would most likely run away, reprimand them, and beg that they never do that again.

I don’t like being tickled near it, don’t like being kissed there, and even get freaked out in the shower when I clean that odd little space. Is my fear rational? Probably not. Is it normal? I highly doubt it. But one thing is for certain – I do not like my belly button.  Yes, I can admit my problems 🙂

I’m afraid someone will poke my belly button and the hole will erupt, as if someone pulled out a bathroom plug. I know it used to be attached to my umbilical cord, but what the heck’s on the other side now? An empty tube? I’ve asked a few friends of mine in the medical community, but none of them seem to be belly button experts.  Belly Button Experts, or BBE’s, seem to be few and far between.  And probably for good reason.  More than likely they’re just as freaky as there expertise.  I kid 🙂  Kinda.

Sorry, I digress. Back to the point…

Why has this fear emerged? Because now that I am further along in my pregnancy, a darling baby bump has arrived on my tummy. It’s actually really cute.  As my itty bitty baby grows, however, it seems like the depth of my belly button is doing the opposite. That sickening little chasm that shall not be named ( Yes, I just likened my belly button to Voldemort ) seems shallower than I recall.

What’s more is that it hit me yesterday that many women’s belly buttons stick out at the end – as if they were a fully cooked turkey and their pop up timer went “bing! All done!” Is mine going to do that? What pushes it out? Will I actually be able to see the inside of my belly button? Ahhhhhhhhhhh!

As completely, and irrationally freaked out as I am, I know that my belly button changing is now inevitable. I will concede that horrible point. I know it’s one if the many changes that I will go through. That being said, there are no chapters in my mommy-to-be must read books called “belly button changes,” so if you have any insight as to what I can expect, your comments would be greatly appreciated.

What happened to your belly button when you were pregnant?