It’s official, I have a bump. My belly isn’t a cute beach ball, and if you didn’t know me you may just think I was squishy, but to me and my friends – I now look pregnant.

I was able to get away with wearing my favorite pairs of jeans and skirts for sometime, especially with the help of my Bellabands (which were a present from my darling sister in law. If you have a friend who pregnant for the first time – purchase them one for the holidays.  You will win the “best gift giver” title!)

These stretchy bands allowed me to unbutton the top of my pants and be comfortable.  They were amazing for my first trimester, as well as the first half of my second trimester. I just wish they could solve my biggest problem…

My belly has been carrying really low, and I’ve looked like I had a massive cupcake top – nevertheless a muffin top. Did I really care? Not too much, because I knew I was pregnant, but I did shy away from pictures…oops – I guess this one made the cut. Look at those squishy lines – I think after I took this picture, I knew I needed a remedy! Yikes!

My old pantyhose or stockings have always been in cohorts with my muffin top. Is like they had a secret plan to squish my fat above the elastic line, as if to highlight the fact that I am six-pack less. I would have to wear spankx that went to my bra to try to combat the damage! Every day I felt like I was wearing a corset, trying to squeeze my squish closer to my body, trying to hide the fact that I am human, and that I have the tendency to eat too many tacos.

What have I been missing?!?

If you’ve never worn maternity clothing, just imaganie a glorious world. A world without pain from tight skirts, without having a skinny pair and fat pair of jeans, and best off – a world without muffin tops.

Now I bask in the world of pregnancy pantyhose. It’s my dream come true – keeps my legs warm, covers my entire belly, and still has room to grow. If you’re pregnant and wear tights, stockings, or pantyhose – do yourself a favor and get some maternity ones ASAP.

My only moment of sadness came when I realized there weren’t as many colored tight options for pregnant women. I love wearing a dark dress with bright pink or purple tights, it adds so much personality! If you do a general amazon search for “maternity tights and hosiery” your choices seem to be nude, black, and white.

My other must have are my pregnancy full panel jeans. Wearing tight jeans is uncomfortable to begin with, and once your pregnant your uterus becomes hard as a rock, and is confidently located right behind your fly and button. This is painful, uncomfortable, and drives most women to wearing yoga pants day in and day out. Once I tried on a pair of pregnancy jeans, I made the switch. Comfort, and style. What more could this tall mom need?

Well, a pair of tall pregnancy jeans…but that’s next on the list! Hopefully a pair like this from Old Navy!

For now, I’ve just been wearing my two favorite pairs – with boots. No one can really tell they are a little short. I love how I still have pockets, they are stretchy and hug my legs, and allow me to feel comfortable, even I’m a seated position.

This weekend I said “See you soon” to my favorite fun pairs of tights, as well as my designer jeans and pants, but I know I’ll see them again, later in 2013.