“I forgot to put in my contacts! How am I supposed to take part in a fitness class wearing my glasses? Especially when this class is taking place in a pool?!?”

That was my mild freakout last week as I pulled into my local YMCA parking lot. I was already running late, and didn’t have time to turn around and go back home. I needed to try the class, with all four eyes, and if I became a mess I would leave early.

After scanning my card, and dashing into the women’s changing room, I was hit with complete and utter shock. All of the lockers seemed to be taken. I’d never seen so many combination locks in this changing room. Eventually, I found a mini locker, stepped into my all too worn, half see through bathing suit, slipped on my flip flops, threw my hair into a ponytail, and adjusted my glasses. It was time to try out Aqua Zumba.

What is Aqua Zumba? Well, take a look at the video above, and you’ll see why I was so excited to try out this new source of fitness!

Many of my friends have taken regular Zumba classes, and have raved about how fun and calorie burning this dance exercise class is. I tried regular Zumba out, pre-pregnancy, and felt a bit out of place. Well, not just out of place. I felt down right uncoordinated and unsexy. Apparently, I must have gone to the Zumba for Dancing With the Stars class, because everyone else was moving and shaking, pumping their booties perfectly to the beat. Whereas, I just looked like some flushed, tall, awkward, Casper-esque, Irish girl dancing like Charlie Brown. Think: the Elaine Dance in Seinfeld. But, worse. Much, much worse.

But, ah, Aqua Zumba. This was different. Aqua Zumba was something I could get into. No one could see my booty, nor could they see how uncoordinated I truly am, gangly arms and all, because it’s all hidden by the water. Better yet – because it’s in the water, it adds it’s own level of saftey and resistance. I couldn’t wait to try it out.

Most of the people in the regular Zumba class I went to were around my age, and as you can see from the video above, I thought the participants in Aqua Zumba would be the same.

Well imagine my surprised face when I walked into the pool to see it full, and I mean FULL, of smiling senior citizens. Which, in the end, was why all of the lockers were taken. It was extraordinary! Aqua Zumba, believe it or not, must be one of the most popular classes I have ever seen!

I felt confident as I stepped into the warm water, and made my way towards the back. This was going to go way better than my whale experience I had when I thought I was Ryan Lochte the last time I was at the Y.

Shamu, I was certainly not.

It was, however, a quiet confidence. I didn’t want to stand out because, deep down, I knew the whale was just begging to come out. Regardless, the older men and women were chatting with one another, all excited to start their fitness routine. One lady even came up to me and said hello! Yep, quite the friendly bunch too. The instructor, dressed in an Aqua Zumba top, glanced around the room and also said a bright and cheery hello to everyone before asking if there was anyone new to the class. Suddenly, all eyes were on me.

Oh my god, Free Willy time. But, then I saw them…

All four of them. Other people were wearing glasses as well! I was going to do just fine splashing around!

The class was hysterical and fun. A full hour of dancing in the water all the while dancing to Top 40 hits. Even with the glasses, I got in a great workout, and shook my booty with pride(under water of course.) Now if I could just figure out how to do it outside of the water….