This tiny baby doesn’t feel so tiny anymore. He feels ginormous! Well, at least my uterus feels that big. The only time I don’t feel huge is when I am in the water.

I’ve caught myself several times actually using my hands to prop up my belly, trying to relieve some of the weight. It’s gotten to a point where I am getting aches and pains. My weekly chiropractor appointments help, as does my amazing pregnancy pillow (which I call my boyfriend), but some days I still feel like I need some extra support.

These new pains are odd, almost cramp like. They dont feel like the round ligament pains I experienced in my second trimester. These were more centered, and cramp-like. I, being the worry wort that I am thought I was going into preterm labor. I laid down for a little bit, and the pains went away.

My doctor recommended that I look into purchasing a maternity support band, and I ordered the Gabrialla Elastic Maternity Belt. It goes underneath my bulbous belly, and picks everything up a bit. Like a bra for my bump!

Gravity has met it’s match! Sure, I feel a bit ridiculous, like I’m wearing a work out support belt, and I should be raising huge dumbbells above my head, like this guy.

This is the same expression I make when trying to get off my couch

But it’s totally worth it! I honestly feel like I’m Atlas, carrying the world..except I’m actually carrying a tiny baby – in my belly! This belt has made my long days a lot easier and less painful.

I don’t recommend wearing it for extended periods of time driving or sitting (especially I’d you are having a long meal,) but it really helps for those days when you are on your feet. I purchased the neutral color because it is easier to wear under a white sweater or light colored shirt.

Did you ever wear any type of support belt during pregnancy?