Itty Bitty is unbelievably lucky to have such an amazing daddy!
This was Hubby’s first Father’s Day as a Daddy, and it was absolutely perfect. It was filled with belgian waffles, iced coffee, giggles, two outfit changes (our Itty Bitty had a diaper explosion in the restaurant – which also exploded all over me..henceforth the two outfits!), burgers, family, and quality time on our porch.  
Itty Bitty is super lucky because he has three fantastic men who love him dearly – so we made it a point to see our fathers as well!
My father, Itty Bitty’s Grandpa, tells the best jokes and sings the sweetest lullabies.
Hubby’s father, Itty Bitty’s Bubba, is extraordinarily giving and is always thoughtful. 
I couldn’t ask for three better role models for my tiny son!