What is a photo a day challenge?

I will post some photo suggestions or themes for each day of the month. Post a photo of what that suggestion means to you.

Join in the fun!

Share your photos through social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, etc.

Add the hashtag #tmtbphotoaday so the rest of us can see your fun photos.

Feel free to tag me @tallmomtinybaby or @mary__larsen on your social media sites as well so I can see what pics you are sharing 🙂

The photo does not need to actually be taken that day.

Feel free to raid your photo library, or save a certain photo for a day later in the month. It’s all up to you! Get creative, and interpret the theme however you’d like.

How can you see other people’s photos of the day?

Simply click of search the hashtag #tmtbphotooftheday – and you will be sent to a results page full of other people’s photos. Feel free to like & comment and share the love!

Play whenever and as often as you like!

Seriously, you can post a pic a day, a couple of times a month, or as often as you’d like. Knowing my crazy life, I’ll most likely be missing some days 😉

Feel free to leave your Instagram name in the comments so I can follow you!

You can find me here:

Tall Mom tiny baby on Twitter @mary__larsen

Tall Mom tiny baby on Instagram @tallmomtinybaby or @mary__larsen