My not so tiny baby is turning 6 months tomorrow.


*insert minor freakout/where has the time gone/he’s getting so old comment*

Aside from a brief trial run with rice cereal, Itty Bitty has had nothing to eat besides breast milk. My goal was to keep him clear of regular solids until he was old enough, and was showing the appropriate signs. Now that the time has come, I’m ready to start making his baby food.

The only problem is, aside from frequenting my microwave or eating cereal, I really haven’t seen my kitchen in six months. Colic has kicked my butt, we’ve had too many sleepless nights, and Itty Bitty doesn’t really believe in naps. I’ve had little to no time to spend in the kitchen, so Tall Dad and I have been the king and queen of takeout.

So I’ve made a deal with myself. If I want my baby to eat healthy food, then I need to model healthy eating. If I expect to cook for him, I better be cooking for myself.

By talking to other new moms, I’ve found that this is a common problem. So here’s my plan:
  • If Itty Bitty takes a nap, I will take time for myself: shower, eat, clean up a little bit, brush my teeth, or possibly nap myself.
    • Why take time for myself you ask? Because if momma isn’t happy, then nobody is happy! I don’t care if there is food on the table if I am stinky or cranky.
  • If Itty Bitty takes two naps, I will cook during the second nap.
    • Even if you just get the PREP WORK out of the way while the baby sleeps, you are a step ahead! When the baby wakes, bring the baby in the kitchen to finish the cooking (hopefully the baby is happy after the nap.) Or, put the food in bags, place it in the fridge, and finish cooking it tomorrow. This is all about baby steps!
Sounds do-able right?

I’ll be posting some of the successful recipes on the blog – and would love to hear some of your favorite recipes. I’m especially looking for ones that are seasonal, and might include an ingredient or two that would be suitable for baby food – that way if I’m already shopping for, say, butternut squash, I can put it to use for both the grownups and our Itty Bitty!


Is it just me, or have you ever taken a hiatus from your kitchen?