After a brief hiatus, Tall Dad and I are proud to bring you episode 12 of ParentCast.  Inspired by the deliciously funny article, “10 Ways Birthday Parties Suck,” written by Karen Alpert of the blog “Baby Sideburns,” today’s episode delves into how to make them NOT suck.   
This episode goes a little off the rails towards the end.  Learn why Mary’s a “classy broad,” why Pinterest is Satan, why the worst part of the birthday are the gifts (unless you’re doing thank you cards), and why we’re pretty confident Rhys is either a human, or he’s E.T. 
Let’s all be honest with each other here – nobody wants to go to a first birthday party.  So, let’s make it the best possible experience we can, bear through it, and then go home (where we actually want to be.)  And, oddly enough, A LOT of people wanted to have their opinions heard on this matter.  We have never seen this kind of feedback from our listeners on Facebook.  So, it must have struck a cord. The feedback was so great that Tall Dad and I just took a back seat and allowed our freakin’ awesome fans to be heard!  Check it out!

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Remember, ParentCast is all about being informed, and having a Judgement Free Zone where we can all laugh at each other’s mistakes, misfortune, and celebrate our triumphs as parents.  ParentCast is a forum for parents who don’t have any idea what they’re doing, or even for those who think they know what they’re doing, but they really don’t.  Best part is, as always, it’s free, it’s funny, and it’s a lot better than therapy!

What’s your best advice to prevent your kids first birthday party from sucking?