Mary and Blake are back with the 16th episode of ParentCast.  This time they discuss tips on how to maintain relationships between people with kids and no kids.

The cool thing about this episode is that the topic was voted on by our freakin’ awesome listeners!  It’s what you wanted to hear!  So, ask and ye shall receive.  In this episode you’ll learn why Mary is Playboy hott, why being friends with kidless people is a lot of pointed hard work,  why something Blake says in this episode will piss off literally half the world, and why there has been 274 straight days of agonizing torture in house Larsen.

We were so happy with all the listener feedback in this episode.  Everyone really pitched in and made it a fantastic show.  More importantly, we realized that keeping your friends who don’t have kids is a lot of hard work.  You really have to make sure you make time for them.  Unfortunately, we are culprits in a lot of the tips and topics we discuss that you should not do.  Not only can this episode be a great learning tool for parents and non-parents alike, it was a great self assessment for Mary and Blake.