Welcome back to another episode of ParentCast. This time we’re talking all about breastfeeding with Kathy Moren of Healthy Babies, Happy Moms Inc. We actually received so much great information from her on breastfeeding that we had to split this episode in two!  I know it’s kind of a pain in the butt to listen to two different episodes on the same topic, but it would have been way too long to make it one episode.  So, hit the jump to find out how to get breastfeeding off to a good start.

Breastfeeding isn’t easy.  In fact, it’s a lot of hard freakin’ work.  Anyone who tells you otherwise is straight up lying to your face.  There are a lot of different tips, tricks, and ideas that people are going to throw your way and it’s quite overwhelming.  But, to help you through this special, and sensitive, time, we’ve brought in a SPECTACULAR guest: Kathy Moren of Healthy Babies, Happy Moms Inc.  She’s a lactation consultant who’s forgotten more about breastfeeding than most of us could ever dream of knowing.  So, in part one of this episode, you’ll learn why Blake regrets a certain line from the previous episode, why we need a resident feces expert, why your newborn’s behavior WILL change when you get home and why that’s totally normal, why breastfeeding is NOT supposed to hurt, the differences between “foremilk” and “hindmilk,” and the many tips and tricks Kathy has to improve your breastfeeding experience.

Kathy was an exceptional guest.  The amount of knowledge she was willing to share with us was staggering.  We couldn’t, in good conscience, make this only one episode.  We would have had to cut out too much invaluable content.  Be on the look out for part 2 very soon.
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Have you had a good or bad experience breastfeeding?