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Weekends aren’t always fun in our tiny apartment. Tall Dad often has to work, and weekends is usually when I do most of my household chores. My highlights often include wiping down sticky tables and measuring out fabric softener.

Hit the jump to find out how this weekend was different. 

It rained all day on Saturday, which put Itty Bitty into a trance. He took two two-hour naps! I felt like super woman, tackling tasks at the speed of light. I grocery shopped online, cleaned up the toys from the floor and gathered our dirty laundry. 
Living in a tiny apartment has a few drawbacks, including the fact that we have coin operated laundry and drying machines. I usually have to dry things twice, but tried out a new fabric softener I purchased at Walmart called Suavitel Fast Dry, which promises to dry clothing 30 times faster.  It seemed to do the trick, and not only saved me money, but also time. 

With all of my chores completed, Sunday was suddenly free, and Tall Dad was able to get out of work early.

Itty Bitty took a chunky two hour mid day nap, and then the three of us took off for a fall adventure! We made our way to Barden’s Orchard in North Scituate, RI.

The Orchard was packed with families making the most of the beautiful autumn day. Of course, we were all just killing time until the Patriots game at 8:30pm that night 🙂

We were also excited because we finally got a chance to take out our new BOB revolution jogging stroller. Why bring a jogging stroller to an apple farm?  Oddly enough, it’s great for off-road use and trust me, apple picking is definitely off road.

Golden Delicious, Empire, and Macouns were the big hit in our family. 

Itty Bitty was chomping away, peeling his apples as he munched away.  And maybe spitting out most of it on his brand new Rob Gronkowski jersey.  Although, I’m not so sure Rob himself eats apples any differently?  I love that big lug 🙂

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We left the Orchard with bellies full of apple, and our bag bustling with many more to enjoy at home. 

Now the big decision is, do I make apple pie, Apple crisp, applesauce, or all three?  What would Rob Gronkowski do?

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What fun activity would you do with your family if you had extra time?