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It’s crazy to think that in just a few short months, I will be a Tall Mom of two babies!  Man, time has sure flown by. This second pregnancy has been incredibly different than my first, and so have been my preparations for my soon to be newborn.  We are planning to transition our toddler, Rhys, into the smaller bedroom, and leave the larger of the rooms for our new baby. This way I will be able to keep my glider chair, and a crazy amount of diapers – without feeling too cramped.
I haven’t begun worrying about birth, and am actually pretty excited about it. My main concern is making sure myself and my baby are healthy until that day arrives in May.

What I am concerned about is getting ready for a ton of diapers. My family and I have tried several different brands, and we have really fallen in love with the wetness protection and ease of Pampers® Swaddlers.  
Maybe it’s because it was the brand that first touched Rhys’ bottom when he was born  – and the brand we used during our entire stay in the hospital. Or maybe it’s because my son is a serious nighttime wetter, and no other brand would stand up to the challenge at bedtime.
Because of these and a multitude of reasons, Tall Dad and I are planning on stocking up on diapers starting now. 4 months before this new tiny baby is due. 
Friends and family have already started asking if I’ll be having a big baby registry like I did for our first child. The answer is – not really. I have a ton of baby stuff that I plan on re-using. What I am going to be putting on a registry are essentials that I can NOT reuse – like diapers, diaper wipes, and butt cream. 
I’ve never really been a girly girl who gets excited over shopping. But let me tell you – when I find diapers or wipes on sale, I get giddy. I feel like fist pumping the air and screaming “Ooooohhh yeah!” But then I remember that I’m in a public place, and instead I just nod my head and tell myself that I rock. 
So I’ve begun making a small baby registry online at Walmart (because everyone lives near a Walmart!) with my personal choice of newborn essentials. 
Once we’ve stocked the diaper drawer, Tall Dad and I will have a few more things to tackle. But, as I’ve said – I’ve kind of been slacking on preparing for baby number two. 
This is where websites like Walmart’s Baby Basics have come to be a great help.  They posted this list of 11 things to do before the baby arrives. So I’ve adapted this list for my own needs, and have made it applicable to 11 things to do before your second baby arrives!
1. Buy and install a car seat. 
1a. Find and clean out your car seat, and the matching bases. 
2. Line up help. 
2a. Remind my husband not to travel a month around the baby’s due date. True story. Tall Dad asked if he could go to Chicago to see a baseball game a week after I’m due. Sorry Tall Dad….I’m going to need you to stay in the zip code. Maybe later this summer 😉
3. Find a pediatrician.
3a. Let your pediatrician and his staff know that they need to make room for baby number two! I adore our pediatrician, and am super excited that I will get to start off with him right from the start with our new tiny baby.
4. Register for essentials. 
4a.  Pampers® Swaddlers Diapers – sizes newborn through size 2. I’ll also need wipes, probably baby socks since I lost all of Rhys’ before he even wore them, and we will also need some new pacifiers. 
5. Enjoy couple time. 
5a. Tall Dad and I are already desperately trying to fit in some last moments of couple time. Granted, my bedtime is now about 8:30pm…but we are able to work around it. Seeing movies at 4 actually saves us $! That means more money that I can spend on diapers. Wihoo – fist pump again!
6. Get your free breast pump. 
6a. I received a free breast pump, but it kind of stunk. I’m going to research if I get a new one when I have this baby. Otherwise, I actually might stick to using a manual pump – which seemed to be a lot more efficient for me and my body.
7. Buy a crib.
7a.  This is something I’ll probably have to get to in the super near future. I remember the first time we went crib shopping – the crib store people reprimanded me that we were shopping too late, and that the crib may not be in on time for the baby’s arrival. I brushed it off because I knew that Rhys would be staying in our room in a bassinet for the first few months.  So instead of worrying about a crib, I’ll find our bassinet, clean it out, and take my time finding the right crib – without letting those salesladies get me down.
8. Educate yourself on childbirth.
8a. I educated myself a TON about childbirth when I was pregnant with Rhys. I feel like I could still ace a test about labor. Truth be told, everything I was prepared to do went out the window when labor started…so now I have a whole new approach. I am going to see childbirth as an exciting yet tiring day to couple of days. I’m not nervous or scared at all. This pregnancy has been extremely difficult so far, and I’m only halfway done. Birth has nothing on 30 weeks of acid reflux. My ideal childbirth means that I start labor with a nice glass of red wine and a warm bubble bath. Then, come what may! 
9. Get details on your maternity leave.
9a. This is something I’m working on – as I have a new job then I did before when I was pregnant with Rhys. I need to find out when I get to leave work, how long I get to be gone for, plan for a substitute teacher, and plan the rest of my student’s concerts. Yikes. That’s a lot of work. I wish I could have that glass of wine now. Good thing I’m checking out this baby basics list!
10. Set up a changing station.
10a. We have a changing station upstairs in the nursury, but we do not have a spot to change diapers downstairs…hmm..I should probably figure out where that will be taking place…
11. Pamper yourself.
11a.  Great idea Walmart!  I will, and have been!  It may not sound like total pampering to you all, but my big treat to myself are my weekly pregnancy chiropractor appointments. My doctor is like this body guru and performs magic on my aching body. I honestly feel like I get a massage each time I go – and she gives me great tips and fitness ideas to help stay in tip top shape. 
If you are pregnant and are having your first baby – congratulations!  And, you’ll probably need to check off a few more items than myself 😉  Feel free to peruse the abundant resources like Pampers Baby Basics for Any Mom on’s Parent & Baby Center – and if you’re interested – I highly recommend registering for the Pampers Swaddlers Super Pack!
If you’re a mom of more than one – what would you suggest I add to this list?
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Talk soon friends!