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Being pregnant is exciting for so many reasons, but man is it hard to find clothing to not only flatters you, but also fits a belly with a bump!  I just learned about an AWESOME new website called Bella Gravida which allows you to rent maternity wardrobe.

That’s amazing right?

I mean, even if I have another baby in a few years, who’s to say that I’ll even be pregnant during the same seasons? Some of my maternity wardrobe might not even work at all.

Now that I know about this site, I’m going to tell every pregnant momma I know about it, because it means that pregnant women will look good, feel good about themselves, and not clog up their closets with items that they may never have again.

Did you know that 96% of pregnant or recently pregnant women found maternity clothing to be too expensive, low quality or lacked variety? I sure as heck believe that statement.

I mean, seriously, why does EVERYTHING maternity have stripes?!?!

With all of the changes associated with pregnancy, weight gain, acne, stretch marks — we still want the ability to feel beautiful and stylish in our clothing. But, why buy?

There are several monthly subscription services in the beauty and fashion industry, and rental services exist for all sorts of wearable items.  But there hasn’t been an option for maternity clothing, until now — thanks to Bella Gravida (which means Beautifully Pregnant in Italian.)

Say arrivederci to ugly frumpy pregnancy wear, and HELLO to stylish outfits!

Bella Gravida provides six categoris of Classic, Modern Trendy, Romantic, Bohemian, Dramatic, and Southern Chic – with thousands of designer maternity and nursing outfits with free shipping and unlimited exchanges.

Waiiiiit just one second. Did I just say NURSING OUTFITS??!?!?1

I did.

I’m a dairy diva, and now I can look good too!

Bella Gravida has a no return deadlines and unlimited exchanges. So if you love an outfit, keep it for as long as you want! There is an included laundry service (so you don’t have to wash it!) and the monthly pricing plans start at $39!

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You can learn more by visiting Bella Gravida’s website, Facebook or Twitter.
So what do you think? Would you be into renting clothing during pregnancy?

Talk soon friends,