Being a life-long native Rhode Islander, I have had the pleasure of visiting Mystic Aquarium several times in my life. It first started off as field trips when I was in school, then visits with my family as a child, and in 2014 I went as a parent for the first time. Seeing my son’s reaction to the beluga whales is still one of my most favorite moments, and I absolutely loved bringing my toddler to the aquarium.

However, I realized afterwards that there was still so much that I wanted to see at Mystic Aquarium, and I just never really had the time because I was with my son.

Yes, the aquarium is incredibly kid friendly – and strollers and babywearing parents are abundant throughout the exhibits.
Mystic Aquarium guests of all ages enjoy the ray touch tanks – which are always at the right level for even the most young explorers.

But, while being held captive by a toddler’s attention span, I knew that I wasn’t truly able to soak up all of the information and beauty that Mystic Aquarium had to offer.

So recently a dear friend and I took a trip to Mystic Connecticut for a Moms’ Weekend Away in Mystic. The highlight of our trip was visiting the aquarium, sans children.

We arrived early and began our visit by visiting the beloved beluga whales. The magestic white whales have an incredible one acre tank that is designed to look like the Arctic Coast. We were able to watch the whales from above and below the water.

One of my favorite parts of the trip was the jellyfish room. Yes – Mystic Aquarium has a room full of different types of jellyfish! My friend and I actually spent about 20 minutes just in that room alone. 

There were even jellyfish that looked like flowers!
Even though I’ve been to Mystic Aquarium several times in my life, I love how each time I go I am able to see and learn something new. For example, I had never noticed the seahorses before! Look how it has wrapped it’s little tail around the rope to anchor itself. It so sweet and still!

After watching Finding Nemo probably a million times, I was excited to see clown fish up close and personal. I loved watching the fish swim in and out of the sea anenome, just like they do in the movie! 

In addition to animals that live IN the water, Mystic also has several animals that live near the water, like frogs. This summer they are actually having a whole special exhibit all about frogs! This little blue one caught my eye and perfectly perched on a leaf for a close up photograph.

Another great exhibit at Mystic Aquarium right now is the Birds of the Outback.  For just $3 extra, you can go inside this enclosed structure where there are hundred of beautiful birds flying around, waiting to be fed by you! I was lucky enough to even have one bird stand on the food stick.

Feeding Birds at Mystic Aquarium
I had a most lovely time visiting Mystic Aquarium. One of the highlights was feeding some birds from the Outback!
Posted by Mary Larsen on Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Fun facts: 
  • You can visit for two additional days with your ticket — if you have your admission ticket validated before you leave the Aquarium, you can use it to return for the next two consecutive days 🙂
  • Many Rhode Island libraries have vouchers that can give you a discount for admission to the aquarium.  (I know the discount as of the day I’m writing this blog post is $5 off per ticket for either 4 people)

There is honestly so much to do at this aquarium – for all ages! And if you’re a parent, and have only been with your children, I’d recommend possibly even checking Mystic Aquarium out for a Mom’s Day out just like I did with my friend. It was an entirely different experience!

What fun adventures do you have planned for this summer? Are you going to take a trip to Mystic at all? I think I’m going to go back with Tall Dad soon 🙂 

Talk soon, friends!


* Many thanks to Mystic Aquarium for giving me access to their marvelous aquarium. I did not receive any other compensation, aside from my tickets to the aquarium. As always, all views are my own.