Happy Fourth of July!

How are you spending the day? 
Tall Dad is working this morning, and took our little lad into work to munch on some red, white and blue sprinkled donuts! 
My little lass napped this morning while I tackled some much overdue work, and I got to tune into some of the Bristol Fourth of July Celebration!  (ps — it was established in 1785, and is the oldest continuous celebration in the United States, and takes place in my home state of Rhode Island!)
I’m *slightly* jealous that I’m missing out on the live parades and live fireworks… but I know that my kiddos need their naps and sleep. Otherwise, they turn into Gremlins. Honestly. 
So staying out past 7:30pm, or skipping afternoon naps just isn’t an option in the Larsen household for at least the next year. It’s a little rough, especially when I turn on my laptop and open up Facebook to see pictures of people on the parade route, or other parents with babes at fireworks displays.
But it just won’t work for my family…right now at least.
And then, I take a nice deeeeeeep breath, take a long sip of my iced Dunkin Donuts coffee, and remind myself that these years are going to go by quickly. Before I know it, I’ll have several years of parades and late night fireworks in the future.
Heck, if either of my kids becomes a band nerd like me, I’ll have countless parades in my future!
So, until then, I’m going to remind myself to treasure these lazy holidays, where I get to lounge in my leggings, snuggle my tiny baby, and watch parades on the television. The busy bustling days outside of the home are sure to come, and these moments are all too precious to pass on.
I hope you and yours are having a splendid Fourth! 
And if you have served or are serving in the Armed Forces – THANK YOU!!!
Talk soon, friends!