I started watching the first season of Stranger Things as soon as it came out on Netflix. The characters, nostalgia of the 80’s, and constant pop culture references sealed my fate. Netflix had recommended the show 98% to me, and boy was it right! Shortly after delving into about 4 episodes, I begged my husband to join in the fun, and together we began at the beginning. Because Season 2 of Stranger Things is coming out tomorrow, I thought I would do a Stranger Things Makeup Tutorial based upon the christmas lights and wall that became ever so famous thanks to the first season. 

Stranger Things Makeup Tutorial

While searching for inspiration, I came across this blog post, and even though that blogger did her lights with watercolors, I knew I could achieve the look with my splurge cream shadows in Whimsical (blue), Defiant (red) and Extravagant (yellow.)  All three shades had a bit of a sparkle to them, and the cream shadows from my shop are dynamite eyeshadows because once they dry they do not budge or crease. So if you’re looking for a Stranger Things Makeup Look that can last you through a premiere party, or a Halloween Costume Party – look no further!

Stranger Things Makeup Tutorial

I have seen all sorts of tshirt designs, costumes where people wrap themselves up in Christmas lights, and stellar costumes of adults dressed as the captivating children characters. (Bonus points for those who chose to dress up like Dustin!) But frequently the Stranger Things Makeup Looks that I saw were of Eleven, with blood coming out of her nose.

Meh, that’s just not my style – I’m a wuss when it comes to blood, but being fun and bold with colorful makeup — now you’re talking!

Stranger Things Makeup Tutorial

If you’d like to see the full video tutorial of this look, just watch the video below!  You’ll be able to see the tools, products and methods that I used (all of which can be found at my shop.)

Stranger Things Makeup Application Method:

Do you have plans to watch season 2 of Stranger Things?


Talk soon, friends!



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