What is this Totally Pumped Duo that I can’t stop talking about? Well let me tell you….You see, ever since I began using makeup as a middle schooler, I feel like I’ve been on a quest to find the BEST mascara. I love how it can make me look more awake, bring attention to my eyes, and what a dramatic change it can bring with just a swish and flick of a wand.

After joining Younique I fell head over heals in love with their 3D Fiber Lashes mascara. It is dramatic, water resistant, and unlike any other mascara I had ever used. But then, my company came out with EPIC – a one step mascara that separates and curls lashes – as well as making them long and beautifully dark. EPIC isn’t as dramatic as the 3D Fiber Lashes, but the fact that I no longer needed an eyelash curler or a lash comb blew my mind. But it got me thinking, what if I combined the two products…what would that look like?

Totally Pumped Duo Younique #minutewithmary

My friends, this is the Totally Pumped Duo, and holy guacamole is it amazing! Curl, seperation, length, volume, drama and so much more — this is like wearing false eyelashes, except there’s no glue – no worries! It’s just my amazing mascara!

Totally Pumped Duo Younique #minutewithmary

The EPIC mascara curls your lashes, creates a solid and defined base, and then you put the 3D Fiber Lashes on just the ends of your lashes – the second half/last third depending upon lash length.

See the difference below – of my bare eyelashes – boring, tiny and straight – compared to EPIC mascara? Look look at the Duo!! WOW, right?

Totally Pumped Duo Results Younique

Application Method:

Here’s a quick (90 second) video on how to apply the Totally Pumped Duo:

So fun, and so easy, right? And, to make things even sweeter, you can get the Totally Pumped Duo on my website for a 10% savings! Just look under eyes – and where it says “Lash Sets.”

Totally Pumped Duo Younique #minutewithmary

Whether you’re getting ready for a date night, a special event like a wedding or reunion, or want amp up your eye look for some holiday glam, the Totally Pumped Duo should be in your makeup arsenal!


What do YOU think about the Totally Pumped Duo?


Talk soon, friends!



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