This week, my capital city is hosting a fabulous event called StyleWeek Northeast, which highlights regional designers – complete with an accessory showcase (for shopping) and runway shows.

I have attended the past two seasons of StyleWeek and have fallen in love with many of the designers, as well as the entire concept of highlighting the artists and and their talent. I have the pleasure of owning a few pieces from StyleWeek designers, and love wearing them year round.

This is the first time that I am rocking a visible baby bump at StyleWeek, and have taken the plunge to fully embrace my biggest curve: my belly. This tiny baby is the best accessory I could have asked for, and I am going to show him off with pride!

My go-tos this week are belly flaunting dresses, like this Liz Lange pictured above, maternity tights, and some high heels. This event allows me to sit 90% of the time, so I don’t mind being a few inches taller (while my feet still fit into my cute shoes that is!)
Maternity clothing supplies are limited, and are often a bit on the expensive side. Granted, I want to look my finest, but I have a tiny baby on the way and can’t see spending a lot of money on myself at this point. Additionally, I have to think about possible future pregnancies, and if these items will be useful in different seasons. I find most of my dresses actually at Target, and if you check them out right now, they are on MAJOR sale. The pink dress that I wore above only cost me $8. That was less than the valet to park my car!
Target also has a great selection of sweaters and tops, but for my undergarments I go to Macy’s. We have a rather small selection of maternity clothing at my local Macy’s, but I can always count on them for a new pair of tights. I have also found a few cute tops, and a wild pair of hot pink maternity pants (that I may wear later this week!)
Old Navy continues to be my go-to for jeans, thanks to the option of different lengths. This Tall Mom can not wear high waters forever, so Old Navy has been a life saver. I have not visited their maternity section in person, and usually order their products online. The store has sales almost every other week, and free shipping is often thrown in as well, which makes it incredibly easy.
My other must haves for these nights out are clear skin and well hydrated hair. Being pregnant takes a toll on our appearance, and with winter weather wreaking havoc over New England these past weeks – it’s powers of beauty doom have tripled. I’ve made sure to combat these winter blues and acne by drinking plenty of water, and hydrating my skin with ample moisturizer. When your skin and hair are in good shape, you can feel like you’re as glamorous as the Duchess of Cambridge.
Where do/did you find cute maternity clothes?