When we first entered Women and Infants, we were blown away by the ginormous and glistening facility. They take security quite seriously, and require that each person wear a name badge while they are in the hospital. This badge will allow you into certain areas, has your name and photo, and keeps track of who comes in and out of the hospital.
Women and Infants did not seem to offer private tours, so we took a group tour with two other couples. To schedule the tour, you must call ahead and sign up for an available slot.
Our tour started in a classroom, where a nurse handed out a four page pamphlet that detailed how birth works at Women and Infants. The paperwork was quite informative, but it did feel a bit impersonal at times. The nurse seemed to just read off the sheet, which is something I could have done at home. We did, however, make sure to ask questions when they arose, and she was able to answer them all. So while starting in the classroom wasn’t my ideal choice, it was indeed informative and it got most of the questions I had about ABC out of the way.

The waiting room for your loved ones. Complete with a tv

The ABC is touted as a “hotel like suite” complete with a living area in which your loved ones can hang while you are laboring.
I was surprised to find this living area was down the hall from the labor room, but it is nice that your family or close friends would be able to watch TV or use a microwave. If we chose to labor in a regular room, our family would need to wait in the general waiting area with everyone else.

Mini microwave and fridge for ABC guests
Women & Infants ABC room

The ABC labor room itself was quite large. It had it’s own personal whirlpool tub, shower, and bathroom. The bed was at least full size, and made the room feel quite homey. This particular room is quite free from electronic devices and regular hospital equiptment. The lighting is sweet and cast by table lamps, which makes the room feel warm and comfortable. It seems like an excellent place to go through labor and eventual birth.

Whirlpool tub at Women & Infants ABC

After recovering for a few hours, patients are able to transfer to a post partum room or even go home.

A little blurry, but this is a regular delivery room at Women & Infants

If a mother chose to have an epidural or more serious pain mediciation, she would be sent to a regular labor and delivery room. This would also happen if her blood pressure went up, or if the team deemed it necessary. Blake and I were also able to tour the regular labor and delivery rooms, which were much smaller than the one ABC room, and had the regular computers and machines that people usually see in hospital rooms. The bed is much smaller, but does have the option to recline or move up and down.

The facility was very impressive, clean, big, and gave us a sense that our baby would be taken care of – especially if there was an emergency. One of the big advantages of Women & Infants NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) – which would suit high risk mothers, premature babies, or newborns with other medical issues.

Here is what stood out during the tour of the ABC and labor rooms at Women & Infants:

  • The stunning facility
  • The NICU
  • The large percentage of babies who are born at this facility
  • The whirlpool tub in the ABC
  • The large bed in the ABC
  • The private living room for loved ones
  • Great reputation
  • Located right off the highway- easy for people to get to

What I felt was lacking:

  • Friendliness of the staff
  • Issues with our name tags (mine once had the name of my doctor, and someone else in our group had a completely different name)
  • Felt impersonal
  • Your partner has to sleep in a somewhat uncomfortable recliner
  • The bed in the ABC does not recline or move up and down. The nurse said that if I would want to be propped up, then I would need to bring my own pillows from home.
  • Your postpartum shower is shared with another patient

Overall the facility is top-notch and impressive. Everything seems new, glistening, and big. It is very calming to know that a hospital like this is o close to us, especially if our baby needs specialized attention or the NICO.
Next up on our 4 Hospitals in 4 Weeks — Kent Hospital! Where I was born!

Blake and I at the Ronald McDonald House Gala