After touring and blogging about many hospitals and options for birth in Rhode Island, we decided to add an extra bonus stop on our 4 Hospitals in 4 Weeks tour – here is our blog review on South County Hospital!

I have only gone to South County Hospital twice in my life. Once after I deeply cut my foot on a seashell at the beach, and another time at college when I thought I had mono (turned out I was just an exahausted college kid!)
This hospital had lots of parking, and looked clean, new, and was full of natural light. We were welcomed by friendly greaters who directed us to the proper floor.
South County, like Newport Hospital, allows mothers to labor, deliver, and recover in the same room. The room they enter will be theirs until they leave! Talk about convenient.
The equiptment and monitors are kept by your bedside.
And your tiny baby is able to stay in the same room when they need to be weighed and examined.
Two tall closets flank the hospital bed, and this is where you and your partner can store your hospital bags and belongings.
A private fridge with a mini freezer is in each room! I don’t know about you, but I would totally want some coffee ice cream in there on standby!
Nestled in your room above a sink is a flat screen TV!
Each room has a mini table and chairs, which is perfect for all of your visitors!
Your room at South County comes with your own private shower. The special fold down seat, and multiple shower heads can be exceptionally useful and relaxing during labor.
Here’s the other side of the shower with the different shower heads.
As you can see, the wood floors and natural lighting help make this room feel warm and comfortable.
Our tour ended with what the nurse called, The Grand Finale. The Tub Room.
The first thing we noticed about the tub room was the size! We thought we entered a spa. Towels were hung on the wall, and deep dark wood surrounds an extraordinarily large tub.
The tub room has a calming blue backsplash, as well as shower heads. It is large enough to fit a laboring mother, her birth partner (and probably someone else.)
The tub is very deep, and even has color changing lights! Any woman laboring at South County can choose to use the tub room – and don’t worry about being bumped out. The nurse leading our tour said there are between 0-2 births at the hospital each day.
On the left side of this photo you will see two glass planes. Behind them is a toilet and sink. Throughout the room are electronic candles, and extra chairs for your nurses, doula, or extra birth partners. The whole room is bathed in comfort.

Here’s what stood out on our tour of the maternity wing at South County Hospital:
  • I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – having the flexibility of a private tour was awesome. I called the hospital at noon, and they were able to fit me in for a tour by one.
  • If you are in labor, you are examined on the maternity floor. You do not need to sit and wait in a general waiting area or triage.
  • Very few births each day, which means you could possibily recieve more attention from the staff.
  • Your laboring room is the one and only room you stay in throughout your hospital stay.
  • Private shower in each room.
  • Extra seating in rooms, can fit at least four visitors comfortably.
  • Great reputation. I know several people who delivered at South County, and they rave about their experience.
  • Very clean, and everything looked new.
  • That tub room, oh that tub room! I daydream about taking a trip down to South County just to see it again!

What I felt was lacking:

  • “Far Away” in many Rhode Islanders’ opinions, generally if you live north of East Greenwich. If people live closer to another hospital, they most likely choose it over South County.
  • If my tiny baby needed serious attention, he would not stay at South County. He would have to be transferred to Women & Infants, which is 30-40 mins away.
  • Did not see a security officer on the maternity wing, nor did we need to be buzzed in. However, the nurse did tell us that each baby’s umbilical cord clamp had a tracking device, and if they were to pass a sensor on the floor, all doors would be locked and an alarm would go off.

Overall, we were very pleased with South County Hospital, and the private tour. I can see why so many people in the southern area of the state decide to birth there!

Have you ever been to South County Hospital? What do you think about the Tub Room?