Is a loved one of yours expecting? Have they thought about setting up a registry yet? Maybe you could recommend that they set one up through Babylist!

Babylist allows parents to register for items – without having to worry about registering at an exact location. They can choose a swing, for example. Rather than you having to worry about going to a certain store, you can find it at ANY store near you. I know that this is exceptionally helpful for people who do not live near a Baby’s R Us (the most common place new parents register.) Now, you can purchase that swing at a Baby’s R Us, Target, Walmart, or even a local independent vendor.

Babylist will list the items with their prices, and examples of locations where you can get the item. Expecting parents can even write notes like “color doesn’t matter, any style will do” which can also be exceptionally helpful to gift givers.

If you know of someone who is registered on Babylist, you’ll be able to select their gift with ease. Just watch this video below to see how!

What do you think about a registry like this?