Our tiny baby will be joining us soon, and there are a few items that need to be in our possession before his arrival:

  1. A place to sleep – check
  2. A food source – check
  3. A car seat – check
  4. Diapers… Ugh oh

We have been trying to figure out if we should use with cloth diapers or disposable diapers. Blake and I have talked to other parents, researched online reviews, and checked out different options at local stores. We practiced with prefolds, inserts, all in ones, all in twos, and hybrids. I myself was cloth diapered as a baby, and was ready to take on the challenge. I even joined a cloth diapering Facebook group to learn the tricks of the trade. It seemed like a reasonable idea and I was happy that Blake, as closed minded as he can be sometimes, was actually entertaining the possibility. Then, things…well…took a turn for the worse…

We went on YouTube to see how the diapers worked with real families and watched a video of a cloth diapering mother’s typical day.

It was meant to be a positive and educational video….

But, predictably, and, sadly, that wasn’t the case for my hubby. Upon watching it, Blake just couldn’t contain himself. The video was anything but positive and educational to him. Instead, he just had a mild freak out.

Check out the video below to see our Diapering “Discussion” and Blake’s “thoughts” on the subject.

**Disclaimer: I never told Blake what we would be vlogging about. He just knew that we’d talk about something. So, please do yourself a favor and watch his initial reactions. They’re priceless.

Here is the video we watched:

What type of diapers would you pick?