If you’re like me, summertime means spending time at the beach, ice cream, and grilling. Technology usually takes a back burner for each of those activities, but iDevices has made summertime even easier.

Meet the iGrill.

Small and simple, the iGrill is a wireless cooking thermometer that syncs with your iPod/iPhone/iPad or Android (if it has OD 2 or later.)

In addition to the iGrille, I needed to download the free iGrill app. I chose to sync it to my iPad

First, fire up your grille.

Insert the iGrill prob into your meat, and place the meat on your grille.

Chose your meat and how well you would like it cooked on your smart device.

Through the Bluetooth technology, I was able to take my iPad inside so we could finish preparing the rest of dinner.

The iGrill continued to work through my iPad, showing me what temperature my chicken was.

Once the chicken reached the appropriate temperature, an alarm went off and let me know that my food was ready.

Sure enough, the chicken was perfectly cooked. No pink inside.

And it was still juicy and delicious!

The iGrill is perfect for people who wish they could be in two places at the same time. I was able to leave my food on the grill outside while I was inside getting the rest of the meal ready. My time was more efficiently used, and I managed to not be bit by a single mosquito!


If I had used a regular meat thermometer, I would have had to keep going outside to check it. Which would mean I would need to stop what I was doing, pick up my baby, bring him outside, be eaten by mosquitoes, only to find out my meat was {most likely} over cooked.

The iGrill’s Bluetooth only reaches about 30 feet, so you can’t step too far away, but it worked exceptionally well!

If you’d like to grille up some meals this summer – have no fear! The iGrille is available at Verizon Wireless!