I love helpful baby products, especially ones that are from Rhode Island based companies! One of the biggest baby companies, Summer Infant – is also from The Ocean State.
I’ve already gushed about one of their favorite products – the SwaddleMe – and now Summer Infant has added another awesome product to their swaddle line – a WrapSack!
The WrapSack is similar to the SwaddleMe – your baby has the benefit of wearing the swaddle with their arms in, or arms out as a wearable blanket. If your baby is anything like mine – you’ll need to have those arms in for the first few months.

My Itty Bitty flailed away so much, I thought he was trying to fly!

But my favorite part about this product is the zipper! I don’t know about you, but my newborn tiny baby needed a diaper change almost every hour of the day. Those 3 am wakeups were sometimes torture…well for Tall Dad that is – who is the king of diaper duty!
The WrapSack makes diaperchanges a breeze. Just unzip the sack and find your tiny baby’s toes and bottom easily accesible! Just remember to have them in either just a diaper, or a snap onesie shirt. No full body zipper pajamas – or else you’ll have to undo the whole thing! Save yourself time and energy. Unzip, change diaper, and zip back up.
Ample room for those adorable toes and kicking feet!
The WrapSack also grows with your baby, which is incredibly convienent, especially because the little ones aren’t able to use blankets. With SwaddleMe produts – they get to WEAR the blanket.
Man, I wish they had adult sized WrapSacks. Honestly. My toes are always freezing at night. I might need to make a trip to Summer Infant’s office and chat with them about this brilliant idea 🙂

Disclosure: I received a Summer’s Infant WrapSack for my consideration while writing this review. No additional compensation was received for this post. As always, you have my promise that all the opinions written above are 100% honest – and I will only recommend products or services that I feel are a benefit to you – my reader!