So this just happened…
After a straight week of being sick, having little to no energy, my lovely baby is finally on the mend! He ate a whole container of yogurt, some fruits, and a serving of oatmeal this morning! I couldn’t be happier.

I was beaming, cleaning the house, playing peekaboo, reading books…that is until I walked into his bedroom.

Then I took a look at his crib.

His very expensive crib. I’m pretty sure his crib cost more than my bed.

His crib is now his favorite chew toy. Even worse is that I can’t even find the wood chips on his mattress. Which means he ate all of that wood. 
Oh well, the crib was pretty while it lasted. 
I guess I just earned a new pair of stripes today. The ones that go along with “parents don’t really get to have pretty furniture until the kids grow up.”
But on the bright side I’m glad that he’s feeling better. I guess I just need to feed him more food. 
That, and keep him away from our wooden coffee table.
Has this happened to you? What did you do to protect your furniture from a baby woodchuck?