It’s been quite a snowy week here in Rhode Island – and this winter loving Tall Mom couldn’t wait to bundle up Itty Bitty in his snowsuit and take him for a ride in his baby sled. 
After I got him dressed and ready to go, I took a brief look at him and had to laugh. 
He looked to tiny in this snowsuit! Granted I picked it up at a yard sale, and judged the size by eye, but I didn’t expect it to be this big!
All of the puffy-warm-goodness reminded me of that scene from A Christmas Story, where the younger brother complains that he can’t put his arms down. 
Nonetheless, I took him out into the winter sunshine, and he enjoyed the snowy walk. 
A friend pointed it that I actually might be able to reuse it again next year! Who knows! If nothing else, at least it was comedic!