Tall Dad and I have a huge announcement to make!

We are so stinkin’ excited….
To formally introduce you to…


ParentCast is an audio (and sometimes video) podcast created by Tall Dad (Blake) and myself.  I’ve realized that I love blogging, but that there are some topics that would be better shared or discussed in an audio conversation.  Maybe to capture the true character of the people, the passion behind a discussion, or just a long ,yet informative, interview.

I have always loved podcasts.  You can listen to them in the car, on the train, while you’re cleaning, getting dressed for the morning, and pretty much anywhere. You can even get a bluetooth shower head and listen to it there!

You can listen to the whole episode in one sitting, or break it up over the course of a day or so.  You can subscribe and listen to each episode in it’s entirety, or just pick and choose the parts you truly enjoy.

So why did we create one? 

Well, we saw a need.

As I said, I love podcasts. I listened to a ton when I was pregnant, and have found that there really isn’t a podcast out there that talked about the new parenting issues I cared about – especially in a fun manner.

There will be a judgement free zone story each week, we will talk about our whines and wins of the week, and will also have recommendations or tips during the parent picks of the week.  We will welcome guests and other parents, experts in all sorts of fields, and are open to show topic suggestions.

So please stay tuned – because ParentCast goes LIVE next week!!

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What topics/issues/guests would you like to hear on ParentCast?