Like many houses this time of year, we have started putting away our new Christmas gifts, boxing up gifts that we can use later with our next baby, and tossing those that have exhausted their lifespan.

It’s been really heartwarming to see which gifts have already been deemed the most valuable and most loved.

For example: a hat and mitten set that my mother made for Rhys (aka: Itty Bitty.)

He wears the hat every day, and the earflaps not only keep his ears warm, but also keep the hat on his stubbornly big head.

The mittens are fingerless, and have a long braided cord that connects them – so we can weave them into the sleeves of his warm coats.

I freakin’ LOVE this hat and mittens.  They keep Itty Bitty warm and they look great too.

No, this is not a post to suck up to my mother by the way.  Yes, she is a reader of my blog, but she is well deserving of the praise in this instance. 
It just goes to show you – you can buy all the fancy schmancy presents in the world for your child, and spend an obscene amount of money doing it by the way, but nothing beats the care, love and quality of the homemade gift 🙂
Do you have any favorite items that were homemade in your household?

Talk soon friends,