I am sorry for the delay on putting our ParentCast episodes up here!  To be honest, I completely forgot to do it.  You’ll be seeing our latest episodes being posted here once every few days.  We’re already up to 20.  So – get ready for some awesomeness.  Hit the jump to find out how to best combat Colic!

My God, we hate colic.  This was an episode that was fun to talk about because it felt like a minor therapy session where we got to complain and complain and complain.  It was more cathartic than anything.  In this episode, Tall Dad and I discuss Colic with special guest Jean Twomey – a clincal social worker at Women and Infants Center For Children and Families, and assistant professor of psychiatry and pediatrics at The Brown Alpert Medical School.  In this episode you’ll learn that, yes, colic is very real, and very hard.  Also, we talk about some tips to get through your colicky day and night, blue human manure, our most touching listener feedback yet, how Han Solo may not be as tough as we thought, and our BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!  Check it out!
We did have a lot of fun doing a lot of complaining in this episode.  But, in all honesty, colic is nothing to joke about.  You already know about our trials of colic with Itty Bitty.  Trust me, we get it.  So this is actually an extremely great tool for those who have babies with colic – or if you know someone who has a colicky baby.

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How have you dealt with Colic?