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I am a P90X fanatic.  I laugh at Tony Horton’s stupid jokes every time I work out, I wear the clothing, I talk about it with my friends and colleagues, and I’m even considering becoming a P90X coach. But there is one thing I cannot stand about P90X and that is water.  Oh my god there are times in my day that I just cannot sip another morsel of water, and it really bothers me.  Well, hit the jump to find out how Crystal Light has completely revolutionized my workouts, my diet, my hatred of water, and my man-love of Tony Horton with it’s Liquid Drink Mixes that help create great low calorie drinks
P90X requires A LOT of attention to detail, dedication, and hard work.  And it works.  If you allow it to work. You have to consider EVERYTHING you put in your body. Drinks, snacks, meals, treats, everything.  It all has a certain effect on you, and if you dedicate yourself enough, it can work. I have lost nearly 45 pounds by working out with Tony, 6 days a week, for nearly 2 years.  Of course there are a couple of breaks in between here and there but it really does work!
Tony is famous for all of his stupid jokes throughout the workouts and they never quite seem to get old.  Call me a fanboy, call me a sycophant, call me whatever, but I am fully enthralled with the whole P90X get up.  But, there is one thing Tony always says and that is to, “drink your water people!”  As with all things P90X, I fully dedicated myself to the concept of water drinking.
This pledge even included giving up all kinds of drinks – alcohol, soda, tea, etc. – altogether!  My body is my temple.

Yes it sounds cheesy but it’s true!

You can only get anything out from your body, especially in the weight loss venue, when you recognize what you put IN your body.  Yes, abs are grown in the gym, but they are made in the kitchen.  So – everything was cut out.

While this is a great concept on paper, trust me, it sucks in real life.  Everything gets…boring.  One can only have so much Kale, Baby Spinach, and water.  Oh my god the water.  It never ends.
Have you ever been to a restaurant where they start you off with a water and they promise they’ll be back to take your drink order, but they never actually come back?  Thus, you’re stuck eating dinner with just water and you get that weird watery taste in your mouth?  It sucks, right? 
 I call it “boring taste.”  You need some other flavor to wash down your meal.  Well – consider that feeling and extrapolate that out over 2 years and you’ll feel my plight.
I literally HATE water now.
Of course I drink water during my workouts.  Anyone who tells you that you should drink anything else DURING your workout is wrong.  Especially if you’re doing high intensity half hour to hour long workouts.  (Playing sports is different because that requires endurance and you need to replenish your vitamins, etc. over a long period of time – thus the advent of sports drinks.)
But, outside of my workouts, I was still prisoner to H2O and it bothered the heck out of me.
A life full of “boring taste.”

Until Crystal Light came out with their low calorie liquid drink mix.  Splash a couple of drops into that water of yours and you have totally revolutionized the concept of water.  

The Crystal Light drink mixes are extremely low in calories, provide a well needed respite from “boring taste” in water, and are essentially guilt free – thereby allowing me to keep my promise to Tony in drinking water.  

So not only am I still drinking water, but I’m drinking a good drink that is low in calories and it satisfies my inner fat kid cravings.

 It actually motivates me to do better in my diet because that inner fat kid isn’t demanding that I have anything sugary. Why, you ask? Because I’ve already taken care of my cravings with a perfectly flavored healthy drink.  Win, Win.

The drink mix is great too because it self contained, lasts for a long while, and I can take it on the go.  I keep one in the center console in my car, and I even ask Tall Mom to tote one around for me in her purse for when we go out to dinner.  Although, I think she steals some drops from me every once in a while.

But that’s ok because there is a Wal-Mart right around the corner from my house and I just pick more up as needed.  My last trip to Wal-Mart actually clued me in on a really cool program that Crystal Light is running with singer Miranda Lambert right now called, The Platinum Points Loyalty Program.

All you have to do is by Crystal Light products at Wal-Mart, including but not limited to the Liquid Drink Mix, snap a photo of the receipt to verify your purchase on your camera phone, and then you get a whole bunch of exclusive rewards specific to Miranda Lambert – like, downloads, shirts, mugs, autographed guitars etc.  All purchases must be made by December 31, 2014, receipts submissions must be submitted by November 15, 2014, and points redemption must be submitted by January 15, 2015.

Ok, so I’m not the biggest Miranda Lambert fan. In fact, I can’t stand her music. I’m not going to be a poser and tell you that I’m a fan.  But, my cousin is and so is Tall Mom.  So, I feed my unbreakable vow to Tony Horton by purchasing my Crystal Light drops at Wal-Mart and I get stuff from Miranda Lambert for FREE? Why not?  I’ll give that stuff to my cousin, or better yet, Tall Mom and I look like a hero.  Nailed it. 

Do yourself a favor and revolutionize your diet by using the liquid drink mix from Crystal Light.  Make me proud.  Make Tony Horton proud. And, if you don’t like Miranda Lambert’s music like me, hand over your rewards and I’ll get more free stuff for my wife.  Deal?
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