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You know the phrase “when Mom’s happy, the household is happy?” Well in my family, it’s often true! Lucky for Rhys and Tall Dad, I’m generally a pretty happy Tall Mom – especially when this busy on the go teacher/mom has proper immune support!

Having a day home from school – thanks to the snow – was always a treat as a kid. I used to love waking up to see the world outside my window covered in white. Even now as a teacher it still brings me some joy. (It also helps that I personally will not be making up the snow days at the end of the year because I’ll be on maternity leave by that point – so I’m biased!)
Staying home because of snow is exciting because I can go outside and play with Rhys, eat grilled cheese and tomato soup, and take pretty pictures in the snow. But I’m still busy – just like if I were at work. 
Moms, whether they work away from home, work at home, or work is taking care of their kids – are ALWAYS busy! 

Being a mom constantly on the go means that I need to stay in tip top shape year round, and help make sure my immune system is supported. So here are some tips for busy bees, like myself, who want to support healthy habits around the clock and year-round!
1. Eat breakfast.
You’ve heard it time and time again, how breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It’s said a million times because it’s true. 
If you’re constantly on the go, try to find quick and easy breakfast solutions that fit your lifestyle. For me, I’m big on microwaving oatmeal, or even grabbing yogurt and a granola bar. If I’m feeling daring, I even make a smoothie!
2. Get enough sleep.
This is another overly stated tip, but for all of the right reasons. Sleep is a major game changer, and getting enough for your body’s needs is key to success – both physically and mentally.
To help help make sure that I was getting enough sleep, I began using a fitness band to track my sleep habits. I learned that it takes me sometimes 45 minutes to fall asleep, and had to start going to bed even earlier than I thought.
3. Keep your work environment in tip top shape, and one that supports healthy habits.
Organize your workplace to increase productivity and reduce stress.
4. Eat well balanced meals.
Make sure the food on your plate is varied, and chock full of fruits and vegetables. Eat throughout the day, and plan ahead to have healthy snacks readily available.
I know that if I do not plan ahead, I will make unwise eating choices. If something is convenient and I’m hungry, I’ll grab it. So I need to plan ahead and make sure I have little snacks like nuts or fruits in my car or bag.
Are you too busy to plan on cooking healthy meals, and find yourself getting fast food or just eating macaroni and cheese more nights than you’d like to admit? (I’ve been guilty of that, plenty of times!) 
Then think about meal planning, hit up Pinterest for super easy crock-pot meals, or even take it one busy step further and have a meal delivery service, like the one Tall Dad and I use from Pre-Made Paleo. I don’t eat premade meals every night, but it’s great to know that when we are super busy, we can still have a healthy and well balanced meal in no time.
5. Drink water
I honestly feel looks I can never drink enough water. Maybe it’s because I’m pregnant, and there’s a ton more liquid inside of me then there normally is, or maybe it’s because of the time of year – and everything from the weather to the heat at my home and work just wants to suck out all moisture.
Whatever it reason, I am diligently trying to make an effort to drink more water, each and every day.
6. Take immune supporting supplements.
I make sure my immune system is supported by taking supplements like Ester-C, which you can pick up at your local Walmart (and bonus: it’s on rollback right now!). For example, Ester-C delivers up to 24-hour immune support – 365 days of the year. Ester-C stays in your white blood cells for up to 24 hours for around the clock immune system support. 
7. Get  Active
This time of year, while the snow is falling outside and the chilly winds are blowing, makes me just want to cuddle up by the fireplace and watch a good movie. But I can’t do that ALL day every day. I need to make sure I’m fitting in time to move and be active.
If you like the weather, get OUTSIDE! Go for a walk, have a snowball fight, or meet up with a local hiking club. 
I try to get outside and be active as often as I can with Rhys…but sometimes he doesn’t really enjoy the elements.
So, if you’re stuck inside the house, find sometime and someway to be active. Maybe go for a walk in the pretty snow. Or, if you’re afraid of falling on the ice like myself, play a physical video game like Just Dance, do a yoga video, or run after your kid playing tag for 20 minutes. You’ll feel the burn in no time!
8. Do something that makes you HAPPY!
I don’t know if there’s real scientific super-smart-person evidence on this, but I 100% believe that doing something that makes you happy is good for you! Take time out of your busy schedule to carve out some “you time” or even a date night for you and your sweetheart.
Tall Dad and I recently went out to Muse Paintbar in Providence. We had a blast painting a winter scene, and decided to even keep our artwork up in the kitchen as a happy reminder of our date night!
I’ve also had fun playing with some new mascara that I’ve fallen in love with – and having fabulous eyelashes sure does make this busy mom happy!
I hope these eight simple steps can be some help to you! Maybe you already accomplish them all, or maybe there is one thing in your life that you can make a small change in!
What tips do you have to support health that I may have left out? Anything else you’d recommend?

Talk soon friends,
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